American Pride, I Have It... Do You?!?

Why is everyone so shocked when a politician lies, cheats, flip-flops, backs out of a campaign promise, or shovels tax dollars to their friends and contributors?

 I don't condone any of it, but is it so surprising given the fact that we just continue to re-elect them, year after year? I'm fully aware that an incumbent has a better chance to funnel money back to their state or district the longer they're in power, but herein lies the core problem: Everybody wants theirs.

What happened to American Pride? It can't be, and simply must not be just a slogan; it has to mean something. And while we're on the subject: Where is our loyalty? Where is our honor? Who do you pledge allegiance too? Those are the big questions.

It seems to me that it's not just politicians who are putting their "Party" or "cause" ahead of my Country. The Greatest Country in the world. America! I say my country, and I know a lot of other people feel that way, because they have served or have had family serve, or at least they honor what America has to offer and believe in her to this day.

But now it seems that for too many of us, the goal is to become part of, or expand reliance on, the central government. For many more, it's only ignorance of this ever-increasing dependency which permits the wholesale denial of it. Could it even be possible that 45% of Americans live in households receiving Government handouts?

And while we're blaming politicians, let's not forget who keeps reelecting them – it's the voters - and why? How about construction in your district, a bloated defense contract for a company in your State, any number of welfare giveaways, public grants, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah… It never ends. Politicians repeat the same behavior because they keep being returned to Congress.

It doesn't resemble our American government, at least as my parents and grandparents knew it. Politicians are killing the Golden Goose for short term giveaways at every level, and they're doing so with complicit voter support. This "Progressive" governance happens in the name of people held out as being victimized, but unless we change course radically, we will all be victims.

I love my country, and I want everyone to be successful Americans. A lot of your Union guys get it, our Veterans get it, our military members get it... what about the rest of the country? Save the whales; save the environment; save the owl; save, save, save…

What about save America? There are so many out there that want to kick out everything that makes America, everything which afforded them the freedom to do all the ignorant BS they want to do... killing the very thing that got them where they are... I don't get that...

… And once The Golden Goose is dead, it's dead, my friends – there's no reviving it.

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Edward Rancourt commented 2012-09-13 02:02:18 -0400 · Flag
once the environment is dead, once the whales are dead, once the owls are dead, they are dead, and there will be no reviving them. extinction is a little more permanent than this generations economic struggle to be super-predator consumers. as far as the ‘golden goose’ analogy goes, that is a creature that never did, and never will exist, it is in fact stillborn, much like your rhetoric. if you don’t like our government why do you want to be in congress?

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