Gun Owners of America Stands With Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher

/endorsements/goalogo2.pngEverybody knows Joe the Plumber.  What you may not know is that he is one of the fiercest defenders of the Second Amendment running for office today.

Joe is running in Ohio’s 9th Congressional District against incumbent Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.  Kaptur has been an enemy of gun owners for nearly three decades.  This is the year to throw her out!

Joe’s campaign released a headline-grabbing video which highlighted the tragedies which can occur when a people are disarmed (view video here).

We applaud Joe for understanding what’s really at stake when gun-grabbers have their way.

Joe is a veteran of the US Air Force and an avid sportsman.  He is exactly the kind of person we need in the United States Congress – someone who respects the Second Amendment and who will abide by his oath of office.

I encourage you click here to join us in standing with Joe by making the largest donation possible to his campaign.

Thank you for your support of GOA and Joe Wurzelbacher.

Together we can send another champion of the Second Amendment to the United States Congress!


Tim Macy

Vice Chairman

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Move America Forward Endorses Joe

/endorsements/maf.jpgMove America Forward PAC endorses Wurzelbacher over Rep. Marcy Kaptur Toledo, OH- Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher will receive the endorsement of the Move America Forward PAC tomorrow. The endorsement will be announced by Debbie Lee, founder of MAFPAC at 10AM at the Lucas County GOP headquarters on 10 S. Superior Street in Toledo. MAFPAC exists to promote candidates who support our troops in the global War on Terrorism. Wurzelbacher released the following statement regarding the endorsement:

“I have always put veterans at the forefront of my campaign. It is the first responsibility of our Federal Government to protect our nation from its enemies abroad and to support the troops who risk their lives to keep us safe. I welcome this endorsement, and I pledge to fight to improve the lives of veterans when I get to Washington DC.” 

Debbie Lee began MAFPAC after her son, Marc Alan Lee, was the first US Navy SEAL to be killed in the War in Iraq. Marc’s actions in the line of duty that day saved his whole squad of SEALs and earned him a Silver Star, a Bronze Star with Valor, and a Purple Heart. Through MAFPAC, Lee seeks to elect candidates who will honor the memory of her son by supporting veterans and defeating terrorists around the globe.

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National RIGHT TO LIFE Committee endorses Joe!

We are honored to announce that Joe has received the endorsement of the National Right to Life Committee. It is both a proud and humbling moment in Joe's effort to replace Ohio's 9th District Representative, Marcy Kaptur, who has spent an entire career working against the efforts of this outstanding organization's efforts to protect and defend a child's fundamental right to be born. 

See the full text of the letter below:

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Col. Allen West Endorses Joe!

 Colonel Allen West endorses Joe!


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